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Q. How much will this service cost my company?

The Vendor Booking UK service is FREE for Venues to use.  This means there is NO subscription to pay and NO booking or booking request fees…. when we say FREE we really do mean FREE.

We provide our Vendor database with hundreds of potential traders ready to visit you, with so many different businesses that you'll be surprised who you can find!  You can request they visit you for events and suggest dates, we then do ALL the legwork for you: communicating with the Vendors, picking their preferred date, obtaining paperwork like Public Liability Insurance and Risk Assessments, and organising anything specific for your Venue... ALL FOR FREE!

*Fairs, fetes and other such similar events which are open to the public may have an initial setup fee, please see full T&Cs*

Q. Will you insist that we book all our Vendor events through you ie: will you take over our in house booking system?

In short, no!

The Vendor Booking UK service helps to give you more opportunities alongside any you already run yourselves.  If you would like for us to conduct all your bookings we would be more than happy to arrange this for you, and already do this successfully for many of our subscribers!  If you already have a relationship with some Vendors and you wish to continue to book them yourselves then that's fine with us, or you can ask them to sign up to our service so that we can conduct the bookings for you: your Profile page has a handy email invite section where you can simply type in their email and our site will invite them to sign up!  Ours is an enhancement service, we want to provide choice for you, the people in your establishment and the Vendors so we are very flexible to your requirements.

Q. What type of Vendor events do you envision will want to be held in our spaces?

We’ve organised everything from pop up sales to Christmas fairs, seminars to wellbeing sessions and everything in between.  Just let us know what you need and we’ll organise it for you! We continually seek new and exciting Vendors who are looking for events and other opportunities at all kinds of Venues. Our goal is to bring you variety and choice, and you can even find Vendors you wouldn’t expect on our website!

Q. Do the Vendors pay to attend an event with us, or are we expected to offer it for free?

This is entirely up to you, some Venues raise money for a chosen charity, some charge a fee whilst others charge nothing and give the space for free as an experience to their staff/tenants. You will be able to list your preferences on your individual Listing page so that Vendors will know in advance.

Q. Will there be a vetting process so we choose which requests to approve or reject?

You will have the final say on whether to approve a Vendor for a sales event as you are providing the space for the event to take place: we will not approve anyone without asking you first.  We always request feedback from each event to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved so we are grateful for your comments!

Q. What kind of marketing is available to promote these events?

We encourage Vendors to create promotional posters which they can upload onto our website directly to the booking itself so that you, the Venue can access it via digital download. This is always provided in either Microsoft Word or PDF format for both physical printing and display on digital noticeboards or other screens.  Each booking also contains Vendor PLI for easy download!

We also have a "Public Venue Diary" available on your Listing page: this shows all your planned bookings and lets you choose a date selection, you can then print that off and display it where your occupants will see it, and they can scan the QR code from it and take their event calendar with them!

If you want additional marketing materials just let us know in an email and we can arrange this for you.

Q. Direct Vendor Communication

To protect each user's information (per GDPR and as part of our agreement with you, the Venue) all communication must be directed through Vendor Booking UK, as this also helps to keep consistency when organising each booking, including rebookings with Vendors who have previously visited you!  This helps eliminate any unnecessary back-and-forth between all parties, with Vendor Booking UK acting as the organiser and intermediary.  We encourage Vendors and Venues to discuss rebookings (if desired) on the day of an event, and that any plans be sent to us by email and bookings be submitted on our system as per usual. 

Other external communication should not take place unless express permission is given by us.  Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details.

Q. Contacting Us

We are here to help you!  You can talk to us on our Live Chat in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen during weekday working hours, you can use the "Contact Us" button on the website or email us at 7 days a week, or you can call us on our free phone number 0208 713 0394 between 9am-5pm on weekdays.  We are also available on our Facebook and Instagram pages as Vendor Booking UK!

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