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Q. Why Vendor Booking?

With a large selection of Venues to choose from, Vendor Booking UK will reduce your time looking for and approaching new Venues, saving money and allowing you to spend more time selling your products/services!

Book all your appointments at your own convenience and choose the Venues that best suit your requirements.  Plus, you can book the whole year in advance at any time, if the Venue agrees!

Q. Types of Venues

We will introduce you to many different establishments including; Corporate Offices, Leisure Centres, Hospitals, Retirement Homes, Gyms, Fairs and much more!

The wide variety of settings available will help you to broaden your outreach; you may be surprised at some of the Venues you can discover!

Q. Cost

We have a small £15 Setup & Hosting Fee for you to hold a VBUK Vendor account, it's a one time only fee to host you for as long as you want to trade with us!

Every user by default signs up on the Pay-as-you-Go account, which has NO monthly subscription fees and instead you pay £21 per confirmed booking, which is our standard admin fee for organising the whole process on your behalf.  There is NO LIMIT on how many bookings you can request or book and you only EVER pay the £21 once a booking is confirmed... if a request isn't accepted, you pay us NOTHING.

We also have several different subscription tiers which are great for people attending multiple events each month!

Bronze Tier - £30 monthly fee with 2 free Subscription Credits
Silver Tier - £54 monthly fee with 4 free Subscription Credits
Gold Tier - £78 monthly fee with 6 free Subscription Credits

If you're on one of our Subscription tiers, any additional bookings in excess of your allotted Credits are only charged at £15 each instead of £21!

*Prices displayed are VAT inclusive*

Q. Booking

Select "Venues" when you login in or from the top of your page, scroll through the database to see who you're interested in, and click "View" to see a bit more info... once you've decided if you would like to visit, "Request a Booking" and enter 1-3 date suggested. We will liaise with the Venue to confirm your booking and specific details on your behalf, so there's no back and forth between all 3 parties involved... just direct any communication straight to us!  We ask the Venue to provide any information on set up procedures (such as location and whether tables will be provided), any loading/unloading areas for your convenience and parking availability, and anything specific to the Venue itself.

Best of all, we only ever use your Credits when you get a confirmed booking.  If you're unsuccessful, we don't use your Credits... so there's no paying to prospect!

Q. Booking Change/Cancellation

In the event of a booking cancellation by you, the Vendor, your admin fee or Credit (depending on which was used for the booking) is non-refundable.  If the event is cancelled or asked to be rearranged by the Venue, your booking will be listed as "Reschedule" or, in some cases, "On Hold" depending on immediacy of a potential rebooking.  If payment has already been received for an event subsequently cancelled by a Venue we can credit the Vendor with a FREE discretionary credit as compensation.  If the Venue has asked for a rearrangement and payment has already been taken, Vendor Booking UK will negotiate a date for rearrangement without further charge. 

Reschedule or cancellation requests from the Vendor may incur a charge which is either taken from existing Credits (1 Credit per instance) or as a fee if no Credits are present on the user's account (£15 per instance).

Q. Subscription Change

If at any time you wish to change your subscription, simply go to the Subs Info tab when you are logged into your account and submit a request.  Alternatively you can email us at and request to be moved over to a different level!

Q. Subscription Cancellation

We work on a rolling monthly subscription which can be cancelled anytime and will run to the end of the period up to the next scheduled payment.  If you want to cancel a Subscription and be placed on the PAYG tier you will lose any unused Subscription credits, but anything you've already booked which has used a Credit will be honoured... no recalculating the price!  If you wish to cease trading via VBUK then the account will be made inactive from the requested date of cessation and all of your Vendor information will be placed on "Archived" or removed from the live website*, and all outstanding bookings will be cancelled without refund.


*Depending on the nature of the request

Q. Communication with Venues

We have an agreement with all Venues (and as part of GDPR legislation) stating that any Vendor found approaching the Venue directly, either physically or in digital communication such as email or text (unless we have previously given explicit written permission) will result in a subscription cancellation with immediate effect and no refund of unused monthly subscription days, plus any future bookings will be cancelled immediately and no booking fees will be refunded.  This is intended to protect the information of each individual user of the Vendor Booking UK service, as well as to provide a clear and effective service for all users. Please see our Terms & Conditions where this is explained in full.

Q. Contact

We are here to help you!  You can talk to us on our Live Chat in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen during weekday working hours, you can use the "Contact Us" button on the website or email us at 7 days a week, or you can call us on our free phone number 0208 713 0394 between 9am-5pm on all weekdays.  We are also available on our Facebook and Instagram pages as Vendor Booking UK!

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